18 maart: Another Great Poetry Workshop

Another Great Poetry Workshop
Saturday, March 18

Saturday—March 18   2017, 10am-5pm
Taught by Ann van Buren & Lisa Friedman

Website: http://www.oba.nl/oba/english/central-library.html”
Venue: Amsterdam Central
Register for this workshop ( Fee: €150)

How can poetry inspire us today, in 2017?

At this hands-on workshop, poet Ann van Buren
and writer Lisa Friedman will explore:
> Ways of finding one’s voice as a poet & writer of prose
> How to write (fearlessly) a first draft of a poem
> How poetic techniques inform every poem
> How writing poetry improves our prose
> How to harness the poetry of protest

Join us for a day of writing poetry, discussing poetry,
and hearing the poetry of others. As always, the experience
is meant to help increase your power of expression on the page.

All levels welcome. Non-native speakers of English welcome.