9 maart: Locally Speaking- The whirlpool of Dutch politics

Datum: 9 maart 2017

Tijd: 20.00

Locally Speaking: an English talk-show with Dutch local news.

Clueless who to vote for during local elections? Always on top of the news in your own country but feel completely left out when your Dutch friends are discussing current affairs? Annoyed that there is NO Sunday paper in the Netherlands?

Join our themed talk focusing on Dutch politics right before the upcoming elections with reporter Gordon Darroch and Dutch journalist Natalie Righton. We will discuss the most likely outcome of the elections, the main issues of the three major parties and the most remarkable events within electoral politics in the past few weeks.

Find out which Dutch media station was involved in a fake news scandal, whether Geert Wilders will probably become Prime-Minister and why Jesse Klaver from the Green party is suddenly stealing the political spotlight, and more!

Tonight is hosted by Jeanette M. Vermeulen-Rodd from South-Africa.

De Nieuwe Liefde is een podium voor debat, bezinning en poëzie. Debat om het over de wereld te hebben, bezinning om het over onszelf te hebben en poëzie om met woorden boven de chaos uit te stijgen.