12 januari: Books That Will Save Your Life

12 januari 2016
Doors open: 19:30
Time: 20:00 – 22:00
Free (RSVP here)

Etcetera’s Literary Activities Committee & Athenaeum Bookstore are proud to present the fourth edition of Books That Will Save Your Life! What better way to start 2017 than with a fresh collection of life-changing books and some inspirational talks?

Of all the books that you have read, which one meant the most to you? Which books has had the most unforgettable and undeniable influence on your life so far? Which book would you recommend instantly to anyone? In the fourth edition of Books That Will Save Your Life, four different speakers will answer these questions.

During the evening, our four speakers will talk about the books that have made an impact on their lives. These books will be available at Athenaeum afterwards, if you are interested in buying one for yourself. After all, these books might change your life!

The evening will end with drinks at café/filmtheater Kriterion, right next to Athenaeum. Don’t forget to bring your own life-changing book!