8 januari: VERSO / vol 3. no. 5 “Blood”

8 januari
Time: 19:00-22:00
Entrance: 5 euro

Every second Sunday, join VERSO / in maps and legends, elevations and anatomies, fallen objects and hindrances, the celestial charts and altering seabeds.

VERSO / is a monthly literary journal of our city’s and our world’s best editors, writers, artists, and thinkers, in live-form poems, stories, essays, interviews, reviews, and more. Volume 3, “Obstacles”, turns to topography in its many shapes and materials.

The first VERSO / of 2017, “Blood”, is guest edited by Nadia de Vries.

Editorial by Nadia de Vries
Video by Sapphire Matthews
Poetry by Sam Riviere
Art by Petros Panagiotis & Rachel-Rose O’Leary
Poetry by Sophie Collins

The Semaphore Bookstore will be open 7-10pm, featuring a range of local authors’ books, second-hand treasures, and Versal.